Elstein Infrared Radiation Elements solves industrial heating problem of all kinds. Inconnection with modular Elstein systems, whose Quality has been proven many times, it is possible to realize heating panels with high power density, where the energy can be conveyed in a concentrated way.

We are glad to be of assistance to you when your concrete heating task is being solved.






 PRODUCTS           First 'T-' model is a heater with Thermocouple. (ex)T−HTS HTS heater with Thermocouple

Standard Panel Heater Element 

Standard Heater:HTS

Normal Heater:HFS

Standard Heater HTS Max. Temperature is 900 C. Heater size is interchangeable with almost of other panel heaters       Details.

Old standard heater elements model HFS is still used around Asian area for maintenance for old heat machines but it is going to replace to New standard heater HTS.  Detail

Curved Surface Heater:FSR

Flat Surface Heater:FSF

One of legendry standard heater elements are used for Curved surface heating target especially.  This heater is better use with some reflector .       Detail

Flat surface heater elements FSF has the same specification of FSR . Difference is only surface shape. Detail

Normal Heater:HLF

Normal Heater:HLF/S

High cost performance heater model HLF is low price so easy to try Elstein heater power.              Details

HLF/S is short height type of HLF. Details

Big Curved Surface Heater:LCR

Common Specification

It is bigger FSR type heater element.        Details


All of Panel heater elements have the same dimension , except LCR ,so it is easy to replaced and produce Panel heater system.

High Specification Panel Heater Element 

Quick Up Heater:HSR

High Power Heater:SHTS、SHTS/100

It is very quick heat up heater element , max. temperature 1100 C , heating up speed is about 35 sec. ( until 63% of target temperature )      Details

SHTS is high efficiency , high power ( 76.8KW/m2 , up to 1200W ) heater element thanks to black surface and gold coating finish .                 Details

High Tech Heater Element

Long Life "MAXLIFE" Heater:FSM

Ultra Thin Heater:SFH

MAXLIFE Infrared Heater : FSM has the same spec. with FSR(FSF) Heaters but the most special difference is life time up to about 350,000 hours. It offers a big cost down    Details

Super Flat Infrared heater SFH has only thickness, 10mm and light weight that can be used around narrow space.  Details

Micro System Heater:MSH/20


Micro system Heater MSH is a very small heater that has dimension, 20 x 10mm , and suitable for small area and can also makes multi panel . Power source is 12V so it is available to use around PCB easily . Details.



Rod Heater Element

High Power Rod Heater:HLS

Standard Rod Heater:IRS

It is a high power ( 87KW/m2, up to 1000 C ) rod heater element with gold coating reflector . 750W/230V and 375W/115V are available.    Details

Standard rod heater element can be used for narrow space and pre-heating.  Details

Standard Rod Heater:IRS/330

One Side Rod Heater:IRS-K

Size 330mm length model of IRS.    Details

One side wiring out type rod heater for limited space application.     Details

Standard Rod Heater:ISN

Flat round socket heater:SBM

It can use standard installation metal parts. Details

Installation can use a socket so it is easy to change or maintenance specially for Food warmer or animals     Details

Socket Screw Heater Element

Concentrating Heater:FIS

Flat Surface Round Shape Socket Heater:IOT

Focused Infrared Heater FIS is designed for small area heating or spot heating like a a few cm area that is very hard to heat by actual Infrared heater.     Details

Flat surface socket heater IOT is easy to replace or change.    Details

ST Round Shape Socket Heater:IPT

Spherical surface Socket Heater:IPO

Cost performance socket heater of  IO.


It is use for inside Target tanks to its spherical surface .  Details

Special Socket Heater:SSV

E27 Socket

The Elstein SSV safety sulphur evaporator is a ceramic heating element, which has a compartment to take the sulphur to be evaporated as well as an E27 screw cap for the electrical connection. Details


E27 is available at our shop for Socket screw heater elements.

Souna/ Room Heater Element

Round Surface Thin Heater:WKS

Round Surface Heater:IRH,IRH/S

Elstein Infrared Sauna Heaters WKS are Ceramic Heaters which are, concerning material, geometry, function, design and mounting, made for the requirements of IR Saunas as well as for Room Heating. Detail-1  Detail-2

The radiating surface consists of ten small longish radiation surfaces, which are also designed in a convex shape. IRH-RHdetail IRH-WKdetail IRH/S-RHdetail IRH/s\WKdetail 

Custom Made Heater Element

Rod Surface Heater:FSL

Flat Round Surface Heater:RFS

Elstein FSL long panel heaters are ceramic infrared heaters with a low overall height, designed for operating temperatures up to 700 °C and surface ratings up to 45 kW/ m².           Details

Elstein RFS round panel heaters are ceramic infrared heaters with round design and can be used for operating temperatures up to 700 °C and surface ratings up to 46 kW/ m². Details

Flat Round Surface Heater:SSH

Spherical surface Heater:KSS/60

Elstein SSH switchboard heaters are ceramic infrared heaters in round design with surface ratings of up to 18 kW/ m². The typical operating temperature is 200 °C up to 280 °C. Details

KSS/60 sphere heaters are ceramic infrared heaters, which are designed for operating temperatures up to 750 °C and surface ratings of up to 38 kW/ m².   Details

Thermo Color Heater

Custom Made Heater Inquiry

CC-Heater(changes colour under operation) Heaters with different glaze colours or with longer/shorter leads. or with ring-tongue connection.


Lots of custom made heater elements , panel unit, control unit etc. are required on request. Inquiry

Panel Heater System

Panel Heater:BST

Panel Heater:BSI/BSH

BST construction panels are thermally insulated infrared radiation areas, which are equipped with ceramic IR panel heaters HTSL.   Details

Elstein BSI and BSH construction panels are infrared radiation areas, which can be equipped with the ceramic IR panel heaters HTS or HSR.  BSI deatilI  BSH detail

Heater Box Unit:REF

Heater Box Unit:EBI

By quoting the REF/250 or REF/125 construction set designations and the heater type required, the REO/250 and REO/125 reflectors are available fitted with the FSR, HFS, HSR, HTS and SHTS series.   Details

Elstein EBI construction elements are infrared heating systems, whose housing parts are made from stainless steel. EBI Systems are corrosion resistant and mechanically as well as thermically very stable  Details

Heater Box Unit:EBF

Heater Box Unit:EBF−R

Elstein EBI construction elements are infrared heating systems, whose housing parts are made from stainless steel. EBI Systems are corrosion resistant and mechanically as well as thermically very stable.  Details

The construction elements can be equipped with Elstein ceramic panel heaters FSM, FSR, HSR/1, HTS/1, SHTS/1 and FSM/2, FSR/2, HSR/2, HTS/2, SHTS/2, Details

Heater Control Sysytem & Parts 

Thermo Control Unit:SA-IRTC

Thermo Controller:TRD-1

Heater control unit that can adapt each Elstein heater control.    

TRD 1 electronic temperature controllers analyse the signal of the thermocouple being integrated in each thermocouple heater. Details

Terminal:AK Clamp

Switching Unit:TSE

2-pole, consisting of steatite socket and stainless steel metal parts for cables with a maximum wire cross-section of 2.5 mm. Details

The TSE thyristor switching units are used to switch the load circuits (infrared heaters) and are available in two power stages.  Details

Fuse Box:PST


The fuse holders can be clipped onto 35-mm standard rails and make a disconnection from the voltage possible according to the technical rules for safety.  Details

The super-agile fuses are used to protect the
thyristor switching units against short circuits

Housing Box:EBO

Mounting Parts:MBO

EBO housings consist of an anodised, extruded aluminium section on which an aluminium capping section and two aluminium die cast end pieces are fitted.  Details

MBO mounting sheets are designed for holding and fixing Elstein ceramic infrared heaters, which are equipped with the Elstein-standard socket.  Details


Mounting Parts:MPO

REO/250 and REO/125 reflectors are used to hold and fix the FSR, HFS/1, HSR/1, HTS/1, SHTS/1, and FSR/2, HFS/2, HSR/2, HTS/2 and SHTS/2 ceramic infrared heaters. Details

MPO mounting profiles are made from stainless steel and are used to hold and fix HLS and IRS series heaters.  Details

Mounting Parts:MTO

Pratinum Thermocouple

SHTS/100 Super High Temperature Heaters are available with the Elstein standard socket for the mechanical fixing and can therefore be fixed as heating panels with a section sheet to be made on site.   Details

From the constructive side, the usage of an exchangeable Platinum-Thermocouple Type S (Pt-PtRh) is to be used such as T-HLS.         

Rail Wiring


If for the electrical connection of heater constructions a rail wiring is planned, Elstein VA-Rail Wiring is available.

The Elstein Thermoinsulator THI is a biocompatible, thermically high insulating material made from silicon oxide, which is provided for additional insulation on the back side of heaters.


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) Copyright 1999- S.A.JAPAN INC. All Rights reserved.