It is the list of related peripheral devices, such as a valve nipple, a connector, a branch pipe, and a hose or more.


Product number Brand name Specification Photograph Feature
SS762 Digital
For Oxygen It is a valve to manage the burner flame control adequately by the display of the numerical value as for the opening and shutting level of the needle valve when the burner working properly.
Moreover, it is possible to adjust to various kind of gas.
Installation screw: 16×1.5
SS763 For combustible gas
SS730 Stop
Standard type(right) Installation screw 16x1.5
SS731 Standard type(left)
SS732 With valve lock mechanism(right)
SS733 With valve lock mechanism(left)
SS734 Minute adjustment type(right)
SS735 Minute adjustment type(left)
SS766 2 way valve. With nut for Oxygen(right) It is not available for high pressure use.
SS767 Dia. 8mm hose inlet for Oxygen
SS765 With nut for gas(left)
SS768 dia. 9mm hose Inlet for gas
S-1411 Three way hose
Dia. 9mm hose inlet It is for the divergence of the hose
S-1411-5 Dia. 5mm hose inlet
S-1411-6 Dia. 6mm hose inlet
S-1411-8 Dia. 8mm hose inlet
SB100 Hose Inlet Dia. 5mm hose Inlet for M16 Use it with below Installation  Nut.
Custom made items are available on demand.
SB101 Dia. 5mm hose inlet for M12.5
SB103 Dia. 6mm hose Inlet for M16
SB104 dia. 8mm hose Inlet for M16
SB105 Dia. 9mm hose Inlet for M16
SB120 Hose Inlet
Bag nut
1/4PS(PF) right rotate Use with above hose inlet .
SB122 M12.5×W20 right rotate
SB124 M16×1.5 right rotate
SB125 M16×1.5 left rotate
SB126 M22×W14 right rotate
ra210 Elbow M16×1.5 1/4PT (right) Custom made items are available on demand.
ra211 M16×1.5 1/4PT (left)
ra212 With M16×1.5 (right) nut
ra213 With M16×1.5 (left) nut
ra204 Cheese M16×1.5 (right)
ra205 M16×1.5 (left)
ra206 With M16×1.5 (right) nut
ra207 With M16×1.5 (left) nut
ra200 Panel
For M16×1.5 (right) thin board
ra201 For M16×1.5 (left) thin board
ra202 For M16×1.5 (right) plank
ra203 For M16×1.5 (left) plank
ra220 Solenoid valve
imale screwj
M16×1.5 1/4PT (right)
ra221 M16×1.5 1/4PT (left)
ra222 M16×1.5 3/8PT (right)
ra223 M16×1.5 3/8PT (left)
SB230 Solenoid valve
(with nut)
M16×1.5 1/4PT (right)
SB231 M16×1.5 1/4PT (left)
SB232 M16×1.5 3/8PT (right)
SB233 M16×1.5 3/8PT (left)
SB299-R Gauge
SB299-L lPU×PDT(left)
SS740 Reverse-stop
For torch (for Oxygen) Use at the gas Inlet side of the torch .
SS741 For torch (for combustible gas)
SS742-OX Dry back fire prevention device (for Oxygen) Use it at the second side of the adjustment machine (low-pressure side).
SS742 Dry back fire prevention device (for combustible gas)
SS650 Hose Dia. 5mm hose in black  
SS651 Dia. 5mm hose in red
SS652 Dia. 5mm hose in blue
SS657 Dia. 8mm hose in black
SS658 Dia. 8mm hose in red
SS659 Dia. 9mm hose in red
SS660 Twin hose dia.5×dia.5
SS661 Twin hose dia.8×dia.8
SS662 Twin hose dia.8×dia.9



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